AND Global begins global strategic partnership with Marubeni Corporation

Global Strategic Partnership with Marubeni Corporation

Singapore –– AND Global Pte. Ltd. (“AND Global”), a startup company with a proprietary, cutting-edge financial technology platform and Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”), a Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate, have agreed to establish a global strategic partnership to help financial and non-financial institutions across the world in integrating Fintech solutions into their existing and new businesses.

AND Global’s “Fintech as a Service” (“FaaS”), which provides Fintech solutions and implementation support, helps (a) financial institutions (such as banks and non-bank financial institutions) to integrate AI-powered credit scoring system, digital wallet, e-commerce, electronic payment and digital lending systems into their existing and new businesses through Open API; and (b) financial & non-financial institutions (such as telecommunication providers and retailers) to build their own digital ecosystem. Using its Fintech solutions, AND Global has successfully built a digital lifestyle ecosystem that includes mobile lending and e-wallet services in Mongolia and its Mongolian operations was awarded as the “Best Digital Bank” in Mongolia by Asiamoney in 2019. Based on their first-hand experience in Mongolia, AND Global is rolling-out its business in the Philippines.

Marubeni is a major Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate that handles products and provides services in a broad range of business activities across wide-ranging fields, including lifestyle, ICT, food, consumer products, chemicals, energy, power plants, transportation, industrial machinery, finance and leasing. Marubeni operates in multiple regions including Asia, Europe, North America and Middle East while maintaining access to promising local ecosystems. Marubeni also has more than 150 years of expertise and know-how in business development and operations based on its long history in various global industries.

With the strategic partnership and Marubeni’s extensive global network and expertise in finance & leasing operations across the world, AND Global and Marubeni will work together to enhance the global expansion of FaaS with the mission to help thousands of financial & non-financial institutions (including those in Marubeni’s global network) to integrate Fintech solutions into their existing and new businesses.

As part of the strategic partnership, Marubeni and AND Global will jointly carry out the research, development and implementation of new and innovative products and services and explore new business development opportunities to expand e-wallet and mobile lending service globally.


About AND Global Pte. Ltd.

Location:                       Singapore

Founded:                      November 2017

Established in 2017, AND Global is a fast growth startup that is firmly set on the trajectory to provide inclusive financing and innovative technologies to global markets.

AND Global piloted in Mongolia through its subsidiary LendMN NBFI JSC, introducing accessible financial services based on a mobile application running on proprietary in-house AI-based technology. To further scale across new geographies, AND Global also runs similar operations in the Philippines.

The company aims to expand its business globally through the implementation of FaaS, pivoting on technological innovations.

About Marubeni Corporation

Location:                       Japan, Tokyo

Founded:                      May 1858

Marubeni engages in handling of products and provision of services in the areas of import and export. It also conducts business investment, development and management. It operates through the following segments: lifestyle, ICT & real estate business, forest products, food, agri business, chemicals, power business, energy, metals & mineral resources, plant, aerospace & ship, finance & leasing business, construction, auto & industrial machinery, and next generation business development.

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